He must increase…

When Jesus arrived on the scene, this was John the baptist’s response: He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30). That’s the theme of this week’s blog.

As you probably know, the Spiritual Blueprint Blog is winding down, and I’m gearing up for my new blog to begin with Advent next month. The Spiritual Blueprint blog has been a great opportunity to follow up on themes from my book, Spiritual Blueprint: How We Live, Work, Love, Play and Pray. It’s also been a great place for me to engage both spirituality and culture, and vent about some of my own pet peeves along the way.

But now I must decrease, and He (Jesus) must increase. What I mean by that is this – it’s been a nice two years doing this blog, but it’s become all about me – my thoughts, my opinions, etc. So it’s time for a switch.

The new blog will be called (drum roll…):

Romesick: The Pilgrimage

Actually, this new blog will continue one of the main themes of Spiritual Blueprint, that life is a journey. But I’m taking that idea to the next level. If life is a journey, make it a pilgrimage. What I mean is that we can approach all of life as a spiritual pilgrimage, and to that end, the new blog will present bite sized bits of spirituality for the daily walk, including prayers, songs, stories, Scripture, quotes from the Church fathers and mothers, photos, movie reviews, and other things to enhance the spirituality of everyday life and generally help people connect with God.

What does Romesick mean, you ask? It’s the feeling I get when I’ve been away from Rome too long – like homesick, only Romesick. But the interesting thing is that although Rome is considered one of the most significant pilgrimage destinations in the world, it started as a place for people who could not get to the holy land. In other words, if you couldn’t go on a pilgrimage to the holy land, you went to Rome instead.  Well, maybe we can’t even get to Rome as often as we’d like – maybe we can’t go anywhere at the moment. So the blog will provide a virtual pilgrimage every week. It will focus a lot on Rome, because that’s my own experience, but will also reach back through history to draw from our ancestors in the faith, that “great cloud of witnesses” who cheer us on as we run the race of faith (Hebrews 12:1).

Look for the new blog to be at the website: Romesick.net (it’s not up yet, so don’t go there now). My hope is that the new blog will be more than interesting, it will be useful. It will also be connected to a facebook page for people to participate, and encourage each other – as well as for people who actually do go to Rome to tell us about their experiences. So stay tuned…


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Jim Papandrea is an author, educator, and singer/songwriter. Visit his website at: www.JimPapandrea.com
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