About Jim L. Papandrea

My name is Jim Papandrea. I’m a teacher, author, and songwriter, among other things. My day job is teaching the history of Christianity at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary, on the campus of Northwestern University. I have a Ph.D. in Church history (especially the early Church), New Testament interpretation and history of the Roman Empire.

I do a lot of speaking engagements at churches and church conferences. Sometimes I lead retreats and other workshop-type events. I regularly speak on topics related to theology, Scripture, Church history and spirituality.

I love writing songs and even though I’m an introvert (INTJ, if you know the Myers-Briggs) I force myself to get up on stage and then I force innocent bystanders to listen to my songs. I perform with my band, Remember Rome, and sometimes as a solo.

I’m happily married to a really cool person named Susie, who’s an amazing chef and successful corporate project manager. I have two sons who share my love of movies, and who are turning out to be fine young men – Rick the historian, and John the musician.

I’m the son of Dr. James and Nancy (Kennedy) Papandrea, from Chicago and Oconomowoc, WI, respectively. My kid brother is Dr. Rick Papandrea, orthopedic surgeon. Last year, in 2009, my family celebrated a century of life in the United States. My great grandfather, Fortunato Papandrea, arrived at Ellis Island in 1909. He came from Reggio Calabria, in Italy (the toe of the boot). I get to go back to Italy once a year with my students, which is one of the best parts of my job. I love traveling, eating Italian food, and taking photographs.