The Five Homes

There are five areas of life, all of which need to be fulfilled for a person to be truly happy. In order to have a healthy and balanced life, none of the five homes can be ignored, because if we lack any of the homes, that part of life will feel “homeless,” and we will live with an uneasiness that can cause anxiety, sadness and depression. So your five homes are…

The Home for your Hands: Where You Work

This is your job, your work. The home for your hands is not really the place where you work, as in the building or office itself, but it is the world within which you work. Your occupation, your field, and to a certain extent also the team of colleagues with whom you work. All of this goes together to make your job into something that can be life-giving or life-draining. Since you are created in the image of God who is creative, you are also creative, and the home for your hands is one place where you fulfill your need to be creative. Remember that when I say you have a need to be creative, I don’t mean that it has to have something to do with art. Being creative simply means producing something that contributes to the world around you, and enhances your own life or the life of your family. Your job is one main way you participate in society, by contributing something to it.

The Home for your Mind: Where You Play

The home for your mind includes many things you do that are not part of your job. It could be hobbies, sports, watching movies, or anything you do for recreation. This is the world of play, but it is vitally important for your health and happiness. All work and no play doesn’t just make Jack a dull boy, it kills him – slowly at first, but then all too suddenly. One extremely important role that the home for your mind plays is in giving you additional creative outlets when your job doesn’t provide enough creativity. A home for your mind gives you an opportunity to use parts of your brain that might not otherwise get used. It also gives you the ability to exercise parts of your personality that might otherwise be left dormant. God created you rational and creative, and this area of life is where you express yourself.

The Home for your Body: Where You Live

This is your actual home, where you live. Whether it is a house, an apartment, or your parents’ basement, it doesn’t matter. The point is that your home, like your job, can be a place that reduces stress or a place that increases stress. It should be the place where your body rests and is rejuvenated, and since you are active in the world and relate to other people through your body, if your body’s home is not doing its job, then every other aspect of your life could suffer.

The Home for your Heart: Where You Find Love

Your heart’s home is found in relationships. This includes a significant other or romantic relationship, but is not limited to that. It also includes friends, family, and community. We will explore how to enhance each of these, and there will be specific suggestions for those who are single and those who are married. Since God is love, and God is relational, God has created us with the capacity for real love and the need for real companionship. The giving and receiving of love and acceptance is essential for a healthy and happy life.

The Home for your Spirit: Where You Pray

Finally, the home for your spirit is your relationship with God as expressed through your church community and religious tradition. This may be the one that gets ignored or short-changed the most. It is ironic that we all seem to have a subconscious desire to be our own highest authority, but we can’t really handle the responsibility, so that trying to be our own higher power only leads to more stress. What we really need is to belong to something bigger than ourselves, where we are not the highest authority, and where we can submit to a power greater than ourselves. That power should be our Creator, and the something bigger than ourselves is the faith community to which we belong. In this way, we will also find some of the love and acceptance that we need…

Spiritual Blueprint, and the Five Homes method, will help you remodel or rebuild each of your five homes, so that you can live more intentionally, and have more peace and hope.


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